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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Review

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Epic finale of Light vs. Darkness

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is the highly anticipated expansion that brings the long-running saga of Light versus Darkness to a climactic end. Launching on June 4, 2024, this expansion promises to deliver an expansive new campaign, innovative gameplay mechanics, and an array of new content that will captivate both new and veteran players alike.

The Final Shape introduces a new Prismatic subclass that allows Guardians to blend the powers of Light and Darkness, unlocking unprecedented abilities and combinations. Players will harness this power to battle formidable new enemies, including the Subjugators, who wield Stasis and Strand powers against you. The campaign will take players into the heart of the Traveler to confront The Witness, the ultimate adversary in this grand narrative. This expansion also brings the new Salvation's Edge raid, where Guardians will face off against The Witness in a bid to save the universe. This raid, launching on June 7, 2024, promises to be a challenging and rewarding experience, with the World First race being a highlight for the community. In addition to the new subclass and raid, The Final Shape features a range of new Exotic and Legendary weapons and armor, allowing for unique and powerful builds. The introduction of new weapon archetypes, such as the Auto Rifle that heals allies, adds a fresh layer of strategy to the game.

Gameplay 9

The gameplay in The Final Shape pushes the boundaries of what Destiny 2 has offered so far. The new Prismatic subclass is a game-changer, allowing for unprecedented flexibility and power in combat. The ability to mix and match features from both Light and Darkness subclasses opens up a wealth of new strategies and playstyles. The introduction of Transcendence, a new power that charges through the use of Light and Darkness, adds another layer of depth, making each encounter feel fresh and dynamic.

The new Subjugators add a challenging twist to battles, requiring players to adapt and strategize more than ever before. The improved Power system also makes it easier for players of different levels to join forces, enhancing the cooperative experience. The addition of the Fireteam Finder feature further supports this by helping players find teammates for various activities, ensuring that no Guardian has to face the darkness alone.

Graphics 8

Graphically, The Final Shape is stunning. The journey into the heart of the Traveler is beautifully rendered, with environments that feel both otherworldly and immersive. The attention to detail in both the new and existing areas is impressive, creating a visually cohesive experience that draws players into the game's rich lore. The new armor and weapon designs are equally detailed, showcasing Bungie's continued commitment to high-quality art direction.

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Storyline 9

The storyline of The Final Shape is the culmination of a decade-long narrative arc, bringing together threads from across the Destiny universe. The return of fan-favorite characters like Cayde-6, now voiced by Nathan Fillion, adds a layer of nostalgia and emotional weight to the story. The campaign promises to deliver epic moments and satisfying conclusions to long-standing plotlines, making it a must-play for any Destiny fan.

Multiplayer 8

Multiplayer in The Final Shape is bolstered by several new features and updates. The new Vex-themed PvP map, Multiplex, and the introduction of a new Relic-based game mode offer fresh challenges for competitive players. The Checkmate modifier adds another layer of strategy to PvP matches, ensuring that each encounter is unique and engaging. Additionally, the cooperative aspects of the new raid and other activities are enhanced by the improved matchmaking and Fireteam Finder features.

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Issues and Community Feedback

While The Final Shape has been well-received, some players have expressed concerns about the complexity of the new subclass system and the potential for imbalance in both PvE and PvP environments. Bungie has assured players that they are committed to ongoing tuning and balancing to address these concerns. The introduction of Episodes as a new content format has also generated mixed reactions, with some players excited about more frequent updates and others worried about potential content fatigue.

Conclusion 9

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is a fitting conclusion to an epic saga. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, stunning graphics, and emotionally charged storyline, it stands as one of the best expansions in the Destiny franchise. Whether you're a long-time Guardian or new to the game, The Final Shape offers an experience that is both thrilling and deeply satisfying.

Pros and Cons

  • Innovative subclass
  • Epic storyline
  • Stunning graphics
  • Complexity
  • Potential imbalance
  • Mixed reactions to Episodes

Player Quotes

"Prismatic subclass is a game-changer, finally feels like I can be the Guardian I always wanted to be."

"The new raid is tough but incredibly rewarding, one of the best experiences in Destiny 2."

"Excited for the new content format, but hoping it doesn't burn us out with too frequent updates."

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