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About AI Review

AI Review leverages artificial intelligence to reshape how we view game reviews by aggregating and analyzing feedback from various online platforms like Reddit, Steam, and Twitter. It extracts pivotal sentiments and opinions from player discussions, calculating an arithmetic average to produce detailed and balanced reviews of video games.

This approach ensures that reviews are both data-driven and reflective of the gaming community's diverse perspectives, offering gamers insightful evaluations that aid in making well-informed decisions about their next digital adventures. AI Review embodies the fusion of technology and gamer feedback, providing a unique, community-centric review platform.

Our Grading Scale

Creating a grading scale for AI Review, we classify games from 10 to 1, each with a descriptive word to encapsulate the essence of the rating:

10 - Masterpiece

Games that achieve a 10 are groundbreaking achievements in the gaming world. They deliver flawless execution in all aspects, from storytelling, graphics, gameplay mechanics, to sound design, creating an experience that's not only unforgettable but also influential in the gaming industry.

9 - Exceptional

These games are near perfect, offering immersive experiences with minor flaws that are easily overlooked. Exceptional games push the boundaries of their genres, introducing innovative features or refining existing ones to near perfection.

8 - Great

Great games are well-crafted experiences with a compelling narrative, enjoyable gameplay, and high production values. While they may have some flaws, the overall experience is significantly positive.

7 - Good

Good games provide a solid and enjoyable experience. They might not innovate or excel in any particular area, but they execute the basics well enough to be considered above average.

6 - Fair

Fair games are decent but have noticeable issues that might hinder the experience. They might appeal to enthusiasts of the genre or have elements that are enjoyable despite their flaws.

5 - Mediocre

These are average games with as many strengths as weaknesses. They might provide some entertainment but fail to leave a lasting impression.

4 - Poor

Poor games have significant issues that detract from the gaming experience. These might include technical problems, lackluster gameplay, or a forgettable story.

3 - Bad

Bad games are difficult to enjoy due to pervasive flaws. They lack redeeming qualities and fail to deliver a competent experience in almost every aspect.

2 - Terrible

Terrible games are marred by critical issues in design, functionality, or enjoyment. They offer little to no value and are often frustrating or boring to play.

1 - Unplayable

Games rated as unplayable suffer from severe problems that prevent them from being functional or enjoyable in any capacity. They are best avoided entirely.

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