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Xbox to Launch Call of Duty on Game Pass from Day One

Xbox to Launch Call of Duty on Game Pass from Day One image

Ever dreamed of playing Call of Duty without actually paying for it? Microsoft is about to make your dreams come true, while also helping their Game Pass service flex its muscles. Spoiler: it involves a lot of shooting.

In a riveting twist to gaming news, insiders reveal that Microsoft is gearing up to roll out the latest Call of Duty installment on Game Pass right from day one. This announcement is expected to be the highlight of Xbox's upcoming showcase next month.

The gaming giant hopes this strategic move will significantly bolster its subscription service, attracting a wave of new users eager to dive into the action-packed universe of Call of Duty without the upfront cost. Tackling the competition head-on, Microsoft's bold play could redefine the gaming landscape.

As the anticipation builds, fans mark their calendars for the end of October, with a likely release date set for the 25th. The newest Black Ops iteration promises to bring unparalleled excitement just in time for Halloween — a perfect treat for gamers worldwide.

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