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Xbox Series Records Lowest Ever Sales in France Among Microsoft Consoles

Xbox Series Records Lowest Ever Sales in France Among Microsoft Consoles image

Xbox Series struggles in the French market, lagging well behind the sales pace of its predecessors.

The Xbox Series has been underperforming in France, registering the lowest sales figures among all the Microsoft consoles over the first four years of their respective lifespans. During this period, a mere 0.7 million Xbox Series consoles have been sold, a number that pales when compared to the sales of Xbox’s earlier models in the same timeframe.

For perspective, the original Xbox chalked up 0.8 million sales, Xbox 360 saw 1.1 million units dispatched, and Xbox One successfully sold a million units.

In 2023, the Xbox Series saw a substantial dip in its sales figures. Currently, the console's performance in France is lagging significantly behind the PlayStation 5, with the latter selling eight times more units.

The sales figures, available on the Install Base Forum, show a bleak picture for Microsoft in the French market. However, it's important to remember that this is just one market and doesn't necessarily reflect the global perception or sales of the Xbox Series.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the reveal of these figures. However, the data manifests that the tech giant might have to weave new strategies or make several improvements to boost the sales of Xbox Series in France.

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