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Xbox's Cancelled Cloud Console Unveiled in Leaked Patent

Xbox's Cancelled Cloud Console Unveiled in Leaked Patent image

A sneak peek to Microsoft's shelved project Keystone, a standalone device meant for Xbox Cloud Gaming

The internet is abuzz with the discovery of a patent related to Microsoft's Project Keystone. Created to develop a standalone console designed for the use of their Xbox Cloud Gaming service, the project sadly never saw the light of day.

Despite striving to develop a device at a low-cost, Microsoft ultimately found the final product too expensive. This led to the discontinuation of the project, deciding against taking the console into production.

Though gaming enthusiasts would have loved the addition to their gaming repertoire, it seems we'll have to make do with what's already available in the market and look forward to the next big development in the gaming world. News of the cancelled project is making waves in the gaming community, triggering discussions about what could have been.

This peek into the unreleased project reveals the ongoing research and innovation at companies like Microsoft and Xbox. With this news in mind, we are reminded that there are always more potential evolutions in the gaming world to look forward to!

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