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Xbox June Update Now Available: New Features and Improvements on the Way

Xbox June Update Now Available: New Features and Improvements on the Way image

Xbox users are eagerly anticipating the features and improvements packed in the June update.

The coveted June update for Xbox is now rolling out for users, ushering in a bevvy of new features and enhancements designed to personalize the gaming experience.

Gamers are now offered an extended palette of customization options. One can now juggle between a dynamic theme and concurrently use game artwork, truly making your Xbox feel like your own.

In a bid to streamline online connectivity, the console now has a phenomenal memory retention capacity. It can save up to ten wireless networks details, allowing users to switch between networks without having to input the password every single time.

In the console settings, Xbox is empowering its users. Game enthusiasts now have the ability to modify their subscription plan and opt for recurring billing, offering more control over their gaming expenditure.

Good news for Xbox app users on PC! A fresh navigation menu has been unveiled, created with user convenience at the core of its design.

Further amping up the gaming experience, Xbox Cloud Gaming users can now manage both game data and cloud saves. Are you a keyboard and mouse fan who plays on Xbox Cloud Gaming? The wait is finally over. The much-awaited support for keyboard and mouse is now accessible to all users for multiple games.

To familiarize with the new updates, users are urged to check out the announcement on the official Xbox News site.

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