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Xbox Head Calls Playstation's Exclusivity Deals "Slimy"

Xbox Head Calls Playstation's Exclusivity Deals

Over the past weekend at an IGN Live event, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, stirred some controversy by calling out Playstation's previous exclusive dealings with Call of Duty. With no punches pulled, it's safe to say Spencer was less than impressed with the tactics deployed by his competition.

"It's all about choice. We've never told anyone 'You have to subscribe to play'. Buying Black Ops 6? That's great for us, and great for the developers. Want to subscribe and play? That's also fine. What I want to do is give you the leeway to decide how you play your games and who you play with, not try to do these slimy things to force you into doing what I want," remarked Spencer.

The criticism is targeted at a long-standing partnership between Sony and ActiVision that kicked off in 2015 with Call of Duty Black Ops 3. This exclusive agreement permitted content to appear on PS4 before any other platform. This includes DLC maps, beta versions, and more. Although the exclusivity period varied, ranging from a few weeks to an astounding 12 months in certain cases, it essentially allowed Playstation to have first dibs on everything Call of Duty.

As the battle between Xbox and Playstation rages on, expect more fiery exchanges and searing takes, just like the one from Spencer. One thing's for sure: In the world of video game consoles, it's always game on.

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