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Xbox Gamers in Japan Can Now Play Through Nvidia GeForce Now

Xbox Gamers in Japan Can Now Play Through Nvidia GeForce Now image

In the most recent gaming innovation, Japanese Xbox players can now indulge in their favorite games through the Nvidia GeForce Now service.

Xbox gamers in Japan are in a delight as they can now play their games on Nvidia GeForce Now. The celebrated games making this shift include Capcom's Street Fighter 6 and Resident Evil Village, as well as Call of Duty Warzone as they've been spotted in action.

In addition to this, tech journalist Jez Corden has illuminated that the company still fosters the aspiration to launch a feature this year that will facilitate gamers to boot their purchased games through a cloud-based service. However, it remains uncertain if all publishers will consent to this new approach, but a vast majority of games will indeed be available.

As for Microsoft's xCloud service, while it is not undergoing rapid expansion, it consistently maintains a steady uptrend all the same. The gamer community is seemingly ecstatic about these developments offering a more versatile gaming experience.

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