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Xbox Game Pass Braces for Change with Call of Duty Addition

Xbox Game Pass Braces for Change with Call of Duty Addition image

Get ready for Microsoft's game buffet to dish out even more shooty-shooty-bang-bang action as the latest Call of Duty title sets its sights on Xbox Game Pass.

In a development sure to thrill gamers and send their controllers flying, multiple industry insiders have spilled the beans about upcoming changes to Xbox Game Pass. The big buzz? The widely anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops is poised for a grand release at the tail end of October.

Microsoft's game subscription service, already a treasure trove of top-tier titles, is about to ramp up its appeal. The impending inclusion of a new Call of Duty game—specifically, the beloved Black Ops saga—promises to be a game-changer, pun fully intended.

While whispers from the gaming grapevine suggest other enhancements might be on the horizon, the highlight undoubtedly centers around this blockbuster. The timing couldn't be more perfect as players are gearing up for the Halloween season, looking to trade in their candy buckets for some high-octane combat scenario fun.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to October's end. Buckle up, gamers, October is set to be explosive!

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