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Xbox Controllers Still Reign Supreme on Steam

Xbox Controllers Still Reign Supreme on Steam image

The gaming world sees an increase in controller usage, with Xbox's gamepad taking the lion's share.

In a recent data report from Valve, it appears that the daily use of controllers has seen an appreciable increase since 2018. Back then, the overall percentage stood at a modest 5%, but today it's risen to 15%, indicating a threefold growth in popularity among gamers.

Diving deeper into the statistics, it's clear to see one brand has a firm grip on the Steam user base. A whopping 59% of these gaming sessions utilize Xbox gamepads, far outstripping any competitors. PlayStation controllers come in a distant second with 26% of the share. Stepping into the arena more recently, the Steam Deck currently accounts for around 10% of controller usage.

For more detailed statistics, gamers can visit the Valve news forum through this link.

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