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Video Game Creator Speaks on Difficulty Settings

Video Game Creator Speaks on Difficulty Settings  image

In a recent interview, acclaimed video game creator Miyazaki revealed that the intentional inclusion of difficulty is not to deter players. Instead, its purpose is to enhance the gaming experience. "Had we truly wanted to reach all players, we could have simply kept decreasing the difficulty," Miyazaki stated. However, he believes that this approach is fundamentally flawed.

In line with this view, Miyazaki's games coat the map in a particular resource that makes the game more accessible as the player advances. As an integral part of the game design, tougher enemies have been programmed to defeat the players in a single shot. This is not an arbitrary decision to frustrate the players, but to incentivize them to use the game's resources effectively and strategically to make the adversaries manageable.

As an example, by the 4th out of 20 enhancement levels, a player’s character could have received an additive damage benefit of 140 and a 14% defense increase against all damage types. This example illustrates the balance between challenge and opportunity in Miyazaki's game designs. While the threat level is high, the resources available to the players are ample, provided they capitalize on their environment strategically.

Miyazaki's bold approach in game design sets an example of equilibrium between challenge and reward, ensuring that while difficulty increases, adequate opportunities for leveling up and enhancing skills are provided. Through such tactics, players are kept on their toes, ensuring an engaging, rewarding gaming experience.

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