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Valorant's Open Beta Test Yields Impressive Results Across Consoles

Valorant's Open Beta Test Yields Impressive Results Across Consoles image

Riot's Valorant stabilizes its 4K output and almost perfect frame rate performance in its open beta test, surprising even the most hardcore gamers.

With the open beta testing phase (OBT) of Valorant underway, gaming company Riot appears to have successfully stepped into the shooter game arena, previously dominated by Counter-Strike. The company has managed to optimize their product impressively, even during the OBT stage.

The real showstopper here, however, is the game's remarkable performance, with 4K resolution at 60 Frames Per Second (FPS) on the Xbox Series S. This achievement is noteworthy considering this performance level is attained during the game's early testing period.

When running in the 120 FPS mode, Valorant remains consistent in maintaining its target frame rate, only occasionally dropping a few frames. This difference is negligible considering most 120Hz or higher screens incorporate technology to synchronize the screen's refresh rate with the game's frame rate.

Refreshingly, these results indicate that Riot is poised to fill the shooter game niche previously dominated by CS:GO. The satisfactory performance during the OBT stage can only hint at an exceptional gaming experience once the final product is released.

Stay tuned for further updates related to Valorant and its promising venture into the console gaming terrain.

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