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Valorant Finally Launches on Xbox Series S/X and PS5

Valorant Finally Launches on Xbox Series S/X and PS5 image

Now you can trash-talk on console while preserving all your PC glory.

Valorant is making its grand entrance onto Xbox Series S/X and PS5. The closed beta test is set to kick off on June 14th. The best part? All your previously earned skins and game progress from the PC will seamlessly transfer to these new platforms.

Get Ready for Epic Cross-Platform Battles

Players won't have to start from scratch. This seamless integration ensures that all your hard-earned items and achievements in Valorant will follow you from your PC to your console.

Why This Matters

This launch is a game-changer for console gamers who have been eagerly waiting to dive into Valorant's intense gameplay. It's a chance to enjoy high-fidelity graphics and the thrill of the game on a large screen, all while keeping your customized skins and progress intact.

Mark Your Calendars

Don't miss the start of the closed beta on June 14th. Get ready to show your skills and dominate the battlefield on your favorite console.

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