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V Rising Review

by Stunlock Studios 0 text

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Vampire survival but it's no picnic

V Rising by Stunlock Studios brings a fresh twist to the survival genre by combining it with vampire mythos and gothic aesthetics. Set in a dark and expansive open world, players assume the role of a vampire awoken from centuries of slumber, striving to regain their strength, build their castle, and establish dominance over both human and supernatural realms. The game intricately blends elements of survival, strategy, and action, delivering a unique experience that challenges players to navigate both the power dynamics of the living and the undead.

Gameplay 7

V Rising takes a bold step in blending survival mechanics with an action-oriented approach, encapsulated in a vampire-themed adventure. As players wake from their crypts, they find themselves weak and vulnerable, forced to manage their exposure to sunlight and hunt wildlife and humans to sustain their bloodlust. The game effectively uses the day-night cycle to influence gameplay, adding a strategic layer where players must plan their activities based on the time of day to avoid the deadly sunlight.

The core gameplay loop involves resource gathering, base building, and territory expansion. Players must scavenge for materials to craft weapons, armor, and castle components, all while managing their blood levels and powers. Combat is fluid and gratifying, with a range of abilities that can be tailored to different play styles, whether one prefers stealth or direct confrontation.

However, the gameplay does have its setbacks. The initial learning curve can be steep, with some mechanics feeling underexplained or overly complicated. The crafting and building systems, while robust, can sometimes become tedious, making the mid-game feel somewhat grindy as players wait for resources to accumulate.

Graphics 8

The visual presentation of V Rising is compelling, featuring a gothic art style that beautifully captures the dark and eerie atmosphere of a vampire's world. The game's environments are diverse, from misty forests and quiet villages to haunting castles and forbidden crypts, each rendered with great detail and ambient effects.

Character designs and animations are another high point, providing a sense of immersion and realism to the vampire fantasy. The transformation effects, when using vampiric powers, are visually striking, adding a dramatic flair to the combat sequences. However, some areas of the game could use more polish, especially in some of the less frequented parts of the map where textures can appear somewhat flat and repetitive.

V Rising image 2

Storyline 6

The storyline in V Rising serves more as a backdrop than as a driving force in the gameplay. Players uncover the lore of the land through exploration and encounters, piecing together the history and conflicts of the vampire realm. While this approach allows for a more personalized experience, it does mean that the narrative can feel fragmented and secondary to the gameplay.

The characters players meet are intriguing but often lack depth, serving more as quest givers or enemies rather than as fully realized individuals with compelling arcs. The main narrative thread provides enough motivation to push forward, but it doesn't quite capture the complexity or emotional engagement that could elevate the story to the level of the game's other elements.

Multiplayer 8

Multiplayer in V Rising is where the game truly shines. The ability to build alliances or declare war on other players adds a dynamic layer of strategy and unpredictability. Server options allow for different types of playstyles, from more cooperative PvE experiences to competitive PvP environments.

The interactions with other players can lead to thrilling moments, whether it’s coordinating a raid on a powerful foe or defending your castle from a siege. The game also supports a robust system for clans, facilitating communication and joint efforts in building and exploration.

However, the multiplayer experience can sometimes be marred by balance issues, with certain vampire powers feeling either too powerful or inconsequential. This can lead to a disparity in player experiences, particularly for newcomers competing against well-established players.

V Rising image 3

Issues and Community Feedback

Feedback from the player community highlights several issues, particularly concerning balance and the new player experience. Many players find the early game particularly punishing, with steep penalties for death and a harsh learning curve that can be off-putting for beginners.

Conclusion 8

V Rising emerges as a distinctive and engaging entry in the survival genre, melded beautifully with vampire lore and gothic aesthetics. While the game excels in its atmospheric world-building, engaging combat, and dynamic multiplayer, it struggles somewhat with a disjointed narrative and a potentially overwhelming learning curve for newcomers.

The game undoubtedly offers a fresh and compelling

experience for fans of survival and supernatural themes, promising hours of strategic planning, intense combat, and community interaction. As it stands, V Rising is a solid game that could evolve into an excellent one with continued support and refinement from its developers.

Pros and Cons

  • Gothic aesthetics
  • Engaging combat
  • Dynamic multiplayer
  • Steep learning curve
  • Fragmented story
  • Resource grind

Player Quotes

"Love the vampire theme and nighttime raids!"

"Building my castle is addictive, but resource gathering feels like a chore."

"Needs more balance in PvP, but it’s super fun with friends."

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.