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Upcoming Xbox Store Releases for the Week

Upcoming Xbox Store Releases for the Week image

A round-up of this week's anticipated games including a popular MMORPG expansion, a Korean cooperative looter-shooter, a theme park simulator, and a more understated souls-like game.

During the first week of July, the Xbox store is bringing an exciting collection of new releases for the gamers. We are talking about some major games that are set to make their debut, offering a varied gaming experience to the users.

Kicking things off on the 2nd of July, players can dive into the expansive world of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail. This exciting chunk of content is the latest expansion for the highly popular MMORPG, promising to deliver new adventures to the fans.

The same day marks the release of The First Descendant, a game which hails from Korea. As a cooperative looter-shooter, it offers thrilling and synergistic gameplay for those into action-packed gaming sessions.

Looking for a more lighter, casual gaming experience? You are in for a treat on the 3rd of July with Parkitect coming to the Xbox Store. This theme park simulator gives you the reins to manage a vibrant and bustling amusement park.

On July 4th, gamers can get their hands on Epic Astro Story and Home Run High. The former allows you to create your own cosmic odyssey while the latter indulges you in a virtual baseball field.

Last but not least, Bleak Faith: Forsaken steps into the store on the 5th of July. This souls-like game, while perhaps not the top of its class, is set to bring its unique brand of punishing and rewarding gameplay to players.

Please note, all games mentioned in this week's Xbox store release round-up come in a language-friendly version offering support for multiple dialects including Russian, allowing for a more immersive and accessible gaming experience.

Get your controllers ready, for these Eden of adventures await your exploration!

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