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Undead Labs Unveils New Logo

Undead Labs Unveils New Logo image

Get ready for a (un)lively reveal from Undead Labs, as rumors of a State of Decay 3 trailer unravel at the upcoming Xbox presentation.

According to recent leaks, it appears that Undead Labs, the architect behind the popular *State of Decay* franchise, is not only displaying a chic new logo but also, potentially, a highly anticipated trailer for State of Decay 3 at the forthcoming Xbox presentation.

The suspense surrounding what Undead Labs has planned for the future of their beloved game series has been present for quite some time now. The possible revelation of the State of Decay 3 trailer only adds to the anticipation.

Viewers of the program are eagerly awaiting the event, with many hoping to get a glimpse of the next instalment in the engaging and thrilling game series. There's no question that if the rumors are true, the Xbox presentation could mark a significant milestone in the history of Undead Labs and the *State of Decay* franchise.

Per the leaks (here), there is compelling reason to believe that the developers will indeed deliver on the promise of a State of Decay 3 trailer. Further fueling the rumor mill, the studio's flashy new logo has only sparked further intrigue about the mysterious and potential developments to come during the much-anticipated Xbox presentation.

Stay tuned as we await confirmation on this exciting possibility, as the release of the State of Decay 3 trailer could well resurrect our fervor for this gripping series. After all, in the world of Undead Labs, the chaos and thrill of survival never truly perish.

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