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Ubisoft Faces Controversy Over "Historically-Based" Game Approach

Ubisoft Faces Controversy Over

Ubisoft's latest efforts to carry through with their "historically-based" agenda face backlash, leading to the barring of a historian from Tokyo University, and incurs over 100,000 dislikes in Japan.

In line with shifting their gaming narrative towards a historical context, Ubisoft encountered controversy recently with their portrayal of Yasuke. A historian from Tokyo University was banned by the gaming giant due to his stance on Yasuke's status as a samurai.

Investing in their "historically-oriented" direction, Ubisoft has faced a hurdle. The company ran into criticism when they silenced a historian from a globally respected institution, Tokyo University, because he had furnished insights contradicting Ubisoft's depiction of a character in their gaming universe.

The controversy centers around the character Yasuke, whom Ubisoft pitches as a samurai. The Tokyo-based historian, however, asserts that Yasuke was not a samurai, a nuance that has caused a stir within the gaming and academic communities.

Adding fuel to the fire, the promotional content for the game's creation has garnered over 100,000 dislikes in Japan. This showcases the significant backlash that Ubisoft's approach has stirred up within the gaming sphere and raises questions about the company's commitment to historical authenticity.

Ubisoft's pursuit of the historical narrative, whilst appreciated by some for its innovative approach, seems to have hit a snag. With the intellectual community flagging inconsistencies and the wider gaming audience reacting negatively, the company may need to revisit their portrayal of historical characters and contexts.

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