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Todd Howard Addresses Player Reactions to Starfield

Todd Howard Addresses Player Reactions to Starfield image

In a shocking twist of events, Todd Howard seems to actually care about your opinions - but like, in a chill way.

Todd Howard, the renowned game designer at Bethesda, recently shared his thoughts on the mixed reactions Starfield has received from the gaming community. According to Howard, the backlash wasn't unexpected. He mentioned that gamers have had long-standing expectations for Bethesda RPGs, often drawing comparisons to iconic titles like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. However, Howard explained that Starfield intentionally deviates from the traditional formula that Bethesda fans have grown accustomed to.

Howard emphasized that the objective with Starfield was to create an experience that stands out and offers something different from their previous franchises. He pointed out that each of Bethesda's series should have its own unique identity, rather than sticking to a single, tried-and-true formula.

He also suggested that the initial criticism might soften over time. As players spend more time with Starfield, Howard believes they may come to appreciate the game from a fresh perspective, recognizing the distinct elements that set it apart from other Bethesda titles.

Encouraging Change in the Gaming Landscape

Howard's statements shed light on Bethesda's ambition to innovate and explore new horizons with their games, even if it means deviating from established norms. This approach might be controversial, but it's a step towards diversifying gaming experiences and offering something unique to players.

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