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The Outlast Trials Review

by Red Barrels 0 text

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Trust Issues: The Game

The Outlast Trials, developed by Red Barrels, plunges players into the chilling depths of the Cold War era, but with a sinister twist. It's a survival horror game that leverages both psychological and physical horror to create an unsettling atmosphere, setting it apart in a crowded genre. This game serves as a prequel to the popular Outlast series and introduces a new multiplayer feature, where players can either cooperate or compete for survival in a grotesque experiment. The game's premise revolves around abductees being forced into horrifying trials by the murky Murkoff Corporation, known from previous games for its dubious psychological experiments. The fear and terror are not just in the gameplay mechanics but deeply embedded in the game's narrative and setting. Players will find themselves navigating a variety of gruesome scenarios, each designed to test their sanity as much as their survival skills.

Gameplay 7

The gameplay of The Outlast Trials is a blend of classic Outlast elements with new, innovative mechanics, particularly the addition of multiplayer interactions. Players must use stealth and strategy to navigate through the nightmarish environments, with puzzles and challenges that are both intellectually demanding and panic-inducing.

The integration of cooperative play adds a fresh layer to the Outlast formula. Players can team up with others, which fundamentally changes the dynamics of fear and decision-making that the series is known for. However, this also introduces some drawbacks, such as the occasional mismatch in player goals and a sometimes clunky communication system that can detract from the immersive experience.

The core mechanics, like hiding, running, and solving puzzles under pressure, remain polished. The addition of multiplayer aspects brings both new heights of terror and frustration, as reliance on other players can sometimes lead to unpredictability in gameplay quality.

Graphics 8

Graphically, The Outlast Trials is a visual feast—or nightmare, depending on your perspective. The game's atmosphere is rendered with meticulous attention to detail, using lighting and shadows effectively to create an oppressive, foreboding environment. The character models and environmental textures are highly detailed, enhancing the horror with their realism.

The visual fidelity is particularly effective in conveying the game's gruesome aspects, with realistic gore and unsettling character animations that can make even seasoned horror fans flinch. The use of darkness and limited light sources not only adds to the difficulty but also significantly enhances the game's mood and tone.

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Storyline 7

The storyline of The Outlast Trials, while intriguing, can sometimes feel disjointed, especially with the incorporation of multiplayer elements. The narrative attempts to delve deeper into the origins and purposes of the Murkoff Corporation, expanding the lore of the Outlast universe.

Players are drawn into a dark narrative that explores themes of control, surveillance, and human endurance against unethical treatments. The story is engaging and provides a solid backbone for the terrifying gameplay, though it occasionally loses coherence when the multiplayer aspect overshadows individual plot development.

Multiplayer 6

The multiplayer component is the most significant new feature in The Outlast Trials. It allows players to experience the horror together, which can either enhance the fear through shared experiences or diminish it when coordination fails.

The game does a decent job of integrating multiple players into scenarios that traditionally rely on isolation to fuel fear, which is a challenging balance to maintain. However, the reliance on other players for progression can lead to frustration, particularly when there are disparities in skill levels or strategic approaches.

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Issues and Community Feedback

The Outlast Trials has faced criticism for its server stability and some bugs that disrupt gameplay. Players have reported occasional glitches where characters get stuck or events do not trigger as intended, which can pull them out of the immersive experience.

Conclusion 7

The Outlast Trials brings a fresh perspective to the Outlast series with its multiplayer gameplay, although it sacrifices some of the intense personal horror the series is known for. It successfully builds on the disturbing universe established by previous games, offering rich graphics and a compelling, if somewhat fragmented, storyline.

Pros and Cons

  • Innovative multiplayer
  • Detailed graphics
  • Engaging storyline
  • Multiplayer issues
  • Occasional bugs
  • Inconsistent terror

Player Quotes

"I never knew I could be scared of trust until now."

"Fantastic horror elements but the multiplayer can be a hit or miss."

"The dark atmosphere is perfect, but bugs can ruin the immersion."

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