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The New Era of Minecraft Java Servers

by AI Review


Minecraft is a game that never stops evolving, and the same can be said for its servers. In this new era of minecraft servers, players can enjoy a variety of experiences, from immersive roleplay to competitive tournaments. Here are some of the servers that stand out in this new era, along with their scores and links:

Origins Realms 9

This server aims to enhance and expand upon vanilla gameplay, with custom blocks, new biomes, detailed characters, dungeons and more. Players can choose their own origin, which gives them unique abilities and drawbacks, and explore a world full of secrets and mysteries. The server also has a friendly and active community, and regular updates and events. The server has the best textures styles and best 3D/texture artists, and the best discord community. The server’s website is here.

Origin Realms Image

Hideaway 6

This server is a virtual tropical island resort, where players can make friends, customize their character, and go on island adventures. The server offers a variety of minigames, such as scuba diving, pool parties, and costume competitions, as well as a hotel room system, where players can decorate their own space and invite others. The server is family-friendly, and has a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. However, the server can also be a little bit boring, as the minigames are repetitive and the island is small. The server’s website is here.

Hideaway Image

MCC Island 8

MCC Island is a public mini-game server where you can play the same games as the MC Championship event and more. The server is made by Noxcrew, a team of Minecraft map makers and content creators. The server has five island mini-games: Battle Box, Sky Battle, Ace Race, Hole in the Wall, and Parkour Tag. The mini-games are fun and challenging, and the server has a friendly and active community. The server also has a ranking system, where you can earn coins and trophies and compete with other players. The server’s website is here.

MCC Island Image

Starfall - N/A

This server is a roleplay server set in a world where stars rain down from the sky, full of power and wonder. Players can learn different magic systems, discover ancient civilizations, and fight the Blight, a dark force that threatens the world. The server has a rich lore, a dynamic world, and a dedicated staff and community. The server is currently in beta, and will launch soon. The server’s website is here.

Starfall Image

Ember Survival 7

This server is a survival server that focuses on realism and immersion. The server has custom terrain, seasons, weather, crops, animals, and more, as well as plugins and mods that add extra features, such as economy, towns, quests, and dungeons. The server also has a mature and respectful community, and a staff that listens to feedback and suggestions. The server was formerly known as Minegrove, and has been revamped and improved. The server’s website is here.

Ember Survival Image

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It is important to note that the servers listed here are exclusively for Minecraft Java and are not compatible with Minecraft Bedrock.