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The Inquisitor Review

by The Dust and Kalypso Media

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"The Inquisitor" is a dark fantasy adventure game developed by The Dust and published by Kalypso Media. The game was released on February 8, 2024, and is available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

Gameplay 7

The gameplay of "The Inquisitor" has been described as having a lot of potential. Players have appreciated the feeling of power within society and the character, stating that it's rare to get to play as these people. The detective-style play has been praised and is seen as having a lot of potential. However, some players have criticized the performance, stating that the game crashes when certain actions are performed.

Graphics 6

The graphics of "The Inquisitor" have received mixed reviews. Some players have appreciated the setting and found it entertaining. However, others have criticized the performance, stating that even on low graphics settings, the game experiences performance issues.

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Storyline 8

The storyline of "The Inquisitor" has been praised for its originality and depth. Players have appreciated the unique perspective of the game, stating that it provides a new appreciation for what the Inquisitor story is all about. However, some players have criticized the game for its lack of personality.

Multiplayer - N/A

There is no information available about the multiplayer aspect of "The Inquisitor".

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Issues 5

"The Inquisitor" has been criticized for its numerous issues. Players have reported bugs, clunky controls, and stability issues. Additionally, some players have found the game to be repetitive and boring.

Conclusion 6

Overall, "The Inquisitor" is a game with a lot of potential but is held back by various issues. The gameplay and storyline are praised for their depth and originality, but the graphics and numerous bugs have negatively impacted the player experience. The game scores an average of 6.5 out of 10 based on player feedback.

Player Quotes

"The Inquisitor is a story about a Sith who begins to restore the true nature of the Sith in defiance of all of this way of life which had so softened the Sith over the centuries."

"The Inquisitor game in which Jesus escaped crucifixion, became vengeful and the player takes the role of a member his holy inquisition, was released on PlayStation 5."

"The inquisitor is just a walking shit stick with no identity, personality or anything. They got dragged along like a muppet until Trespasser."

"To me, this is a gem in the rough, it seems to have a lot (!) of potential and I'd love to play it one days, but the edges are def. visible right now."

"Because it's an incredibly buggy and badly made game with an awful netcode, clunky controls, lame and uninteresting loot, very repetitive and boring missions, poorly thought out and implemented online system, and finally performance and stability issues even on good hardware."

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