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Take-Two Plans to Shut Down Private Division

Take-Two Plans to Shut Down Private Division image

In a surprising move, Take-Two decides to chop down its publishing branch, saying goodbye to several beloved studios. "Exit" stage left, everyone!

Take-Two Interactive has announced a dramatic shift in its business strategy, which includes either closing or selling Private Division, its publishing label. This news comes after a wave of layoffs left the division with only a skeleton crew handling ongoing projects like *No Rest for the Wicked*, *Tales of the Shire*, and an untitled game developed by Game Freak.

Adding to the turbulence, Take-Two recently severed ties with the studios behind *The Medium* and *Ghostrunner*. The restructuring efforts don’t stop there, as by the end of July, Intercept Games, the studio responsible for Kerbal Space Program 2, will close its doors. Despite Take-Two's attempts to sell the beloved franchise rights to Paradox Interactive, talks fell flat.

In a similar fate, Roll7, known for its titles *OlliOlli* and *Rollerdrome*, will also be gradually shut down. This strategic overhaul leaves many to wonder about the future of Take-Two’s publishing ventures and the fate of the beloved franchises under its umbrella.

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