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Summer Game Fest 2023: What to Expect and What Not to Expect

Summer Game Fest 2023: What to Expect and What Not to Expect image

No Kingdom Hearts 4? Guess We'll Have to Find Our Hearts Elsewhere!

The Summer Game Fest 2023 is around the corner, promising excitement, but don't set your hopes too high. Geoff Keighley, the event's organizer, has hinted that this year's showcase will focus primarily on games that have already been announced.

Amidst the buzz, Keighley specifically addressed fan inquiries, confirming that Kingdom Hearts 4 will not be making an appearance during the show. Despite the anticipation, this highly requested title is off the table for this year's event.

The much-awaited presentation is scheduled for the night of June 7-8, 2023. Gamers around the globe will be tuning in, but the emphasis will largely be on providing updates and new looks at familiar titles rather than dropping bombshell announcements.

Manage Your Expectations

While the event won’t be packed with brand-new game reveals, it still promises to be a must-watch for updates and details on some of the industry's most exciting projects. Stay tuned for more!

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