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Street Fighter 6 Unveils New DLC Characters for 2024-2025

Street Fighter 6 Unveils New DLC Characters for 2024-2025 Thumbnail

Punch your way through the seasons with fresh faces and old favorites, because who's got time to maintain relationships when there's a new fighter every few months?

Capcom has just announced a thrilling lineup of new downloadable characters for Street Fighter 6, set to roll out over the next year and a half. Players can look forward to four fresh faces, each bringing unique styles and flair to the beloved franchise.

The release schedule is organized by season:

Summer 2024: M. Bison

Fans of the classic villain will be excited to see M. Bison making a return to the ring, promising intense battles and his trademark Psycho Power.

Fall 2024: Terry

Terry will debut in the autumn, bringing with him a brand-new fighting style that's sure to shake up the game’s dynamics.

Winter 2025: May

As the snow falls, May will join the roster. Her unpredictable moves and wintry theme will add a cool new element to the fights.

Spring 2025: Elena

Blossoming in the spring, Elena returns with her elegant, fluid combat style, rounding out the new roster additions with grace and acrobatics.

This seasonal schedule ensures that Street Fighter 6 players have fresh content and exciting new rivals to look forward to throughout the year. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown as these new characters enter the fray!

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