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State of Decay 3 Predicted for 2025 Release

State of Decay 3 Predicted for 2025 Release image

Fresh release year speculation surfaces for the upcoming zombie survival video game, State of Decay 3.

According to journalist Jez Corden, the highly-anticipated State of Decay 3 may not be infecting our consoles until 2025. The game’s development hit a few snags early on, but things are now running smoothly and progressing nicely.

It’s worth noting that a later release could simply be due to Microsoft's busy release schedule for the approaching year. More development time for State of Decay 3 might be a strategic decision, allowing for meticulous polishing and the inclusion of extra content to enhance the gaming experience.

Fans should remember that these are mere forecasts and actual release dates could shift. However, one thing seems clear: the developers are committed to delivering an immersive and intense zombie survival game.

For more on the progress of State of Decay 3, click here.

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