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Star Wars Outlaws: New Teaser Unveiled

Star Wars Outlaws: New Teaser Unveiled Thumbnail

Because we all need more space cowboys in our lives.

Ubisoft has just released a fresh teaser for Star Wars Outlaws, giving fans a brief glimpse into what lies ahead. This latest sneak peek comes with the promise of even more gameplay footage set to premiere during their upcoming presentation.

Set your calendars, because the highly anticipated game is scheduled to launch on August 30, available across Xbox Series, PS5, and PC platforms. Get ready to dive into a galaxy far, far away with this thrilling new adventure!

More Gameplay Footage Incoming

Gamers and Star Wars enthusiasts alike can look forward to additional gameplay reveals. The upcoming Ubisoft presentation promises to shed more light on what to expect from this exciting title.

Game Release Details

Mark the date: August 30 is when Star Wars Outlaws will make its debut. With versions available for Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and PC, players across multiple platforms can soon join the epic saga.

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