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Sony Leaks Official Days of Play Logo, Hints at a New Astro Bot Game?

Sony Leaks Official Days of Play Logo, Hints at a New Astro Bot Game? image

Sony's annual sale is back, but all eyes are on Astro Bot. Could a new game be on the horizon?

Sony has inadvertently given fans something to buzz about by leaking the official logo for this year's Days of Play. This popular annual promotion, set to kick off on Wednesday, May 29 and run through Wednesday, June 12, has been a staple for PlayStation enthusiasts looking for great deals.

However, what truly has the gaming community in a tizzy is the prominent featuring of Astro Bot in the leaked logo. Could this be an indication that a new announcement for our favorite little robot is imminent? Fans are certainly hoping so.

Clues in the Logo

The leaked logo prominently displays Astro Bot, sparking speculation that Sony might be preparing to reveal a new game featuring the beloved character. This isn't the first time Astro Bot has taken center stage, and the timing couldn't be more perfect for some exciting news.

What to Expect from Days of Play

While the focus has shifted momentarily to the possibility of a new Astro Bot game, let’s not forget why Days of Play is a big deal. Gamers can expect discounts on popular titles, PlayStation hardware, and accessories. The two-week-long event is a golden opportunity for gamers to expand their collections without breaking the bank.

Mark Your Calendars

Gear up for some terrific deals and maybe even a fantastic surprise on May 29, when Days of Play officially begins. Whether you're in it for the discounts or holding out hope for that Astro Bot announcement, this year's event is one to watch.

Grab your controllers and stay tuned!

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