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Sky-High Ad Prices for Summer Game Fest Revealed

Sky-High Ad Prices for Summer Game Fest Revealed image

Who knew gaming ads could cost more than your college tuition?

Advertising costs for the upcoming Summer Game Fest have been announced, and only the biggest wallets need to apply. Industry insiders revealed that a single minute of ad time during the show will cost a staggering $250,000. If you want to stretch that to 90 seconds, be prepared to fork over $350,000. A two-minute slot will set companies back $450,000, and a two and a half minute window demands a hefty $550,000 investment.

Same Premium Prices as The Game Awards

This pricing aligns with the figures seen at The Game Awards, making it clear that the premier live events in gaming come with equally premier ad costs. Major companies believe the exposure offered by such popular events justifies the steep price. Yet, for smaller publishers and independent developers, these amounts are likely beyond reach, making top-tier ad time an exclusive luxury for big-budget players.

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