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Rise of the Ronin Review

by Team Ninja

Rise of the Ronin Thumbnail

If Assassin's Creed and Sekiro had a baby, and it was raised by Ghost of Tsushima, you'd get Rise of the Ronin.

Rise of the Ronin is a thrilling action RPG set in the tumultuous final years of the Edo period of Japan, offering players a unique blend of history, drama, and intense combat. Developed by the acclaimed Team Ninja, this title promises an immersive experience into a pivotal era of Japanese history. Released in 2024 exclusively for the PlayStation 5, the game leverages the console's hardware to deliver breathtaking visuals, intricate character designs, and a seamless, dynamic open world.

Gameplay 9

Rise of the Ronin offers an intricate blend of gameplay mechanics that cater to a variety of play styles. Whether you're sneaking through enemy camps under the cover of night or engaging in duels that test your reflexes and strategic thinking, the game provides a deeply satisfying experience. The freedom to choose how to approach each challenge allows for a personalized adventure through feudal Japan. Team Ninja's hallmark of challenging yet fair combat is ever-present, rewarding players for skill development and mastery of the game's diverse weaponry and skills. This level of gameplay depth ensures that every encounter feels unique, pushing players to continually evolve their tactics.

Rise of the Ronin Gameplay

Graphics 9

The graphical fidelity of Rise of the Ronin is a testament to the power of the PlayStation 5. From the intricate details of traditional Japanese attire to the dynamic expressions of characters, the game's visual presentation is a feast for the eyes. The environmental design deserves special mention; whether it's the way light filters through the leaves of a bamboo forest or how rain puddles form on the cobblestone streets of a bustling market, the world of Rise of the Ronin is a virtual escape to another time and place. Such attention to detail enhances the overall immersion, making every moment in the game a picturesque scene worthy of admiration.

Rise of the Ronin Story

Storyline 8

The narrative of Rise of the Ronin is a rich tapestry that interweaves factual historical events with the personal stories of its characters. As players venture through the game, they're treated to a story that not only educates but also evokes a wide range of emotions. The plot does tread on familiar ground at times, with themes of honor, betrayal, and the quest for freedom being central to the experience. However, it's the execution of these themes, through memorable characters and impactful storytelling, that sets the game apart. The emotional depth and complexity of the characters add layers to the narrative, making the journey through the game as much about personal growth as it is about historical exploration.

Issues and Community Feedback

Despite its many strengths, Rise of the Ronin is not without its issues. Players have reported encountering bugs that can momentarily disrupt the immersion, including frame rate drops in areas dense with NPCs or complex environmental effects. The development team at Team Ninja has been responsive to community feedback, releasing patches aimed at optimizing performance and enhancing the overall player experience.

Conclusion 8

Rise of the Ronin stands as a significant achievement in video game storytelling and design. Its engaging combat, breathtaking visuals, and compelling storyline offer a deeply satisfying experience that's hard to come by. While it does have its flaws, namely in technical performance in certain areas, these are overshadowed by the game's overall quality and the memorable journey it offers. It's a testament to Team Ninja's vision and dedication, and a must-play title for anyone interested in action RPGs or Japanese history.

Pros and Cons

  • Engaging combat
  • Historical depth
  • Character customization
  • Repetitive side missions
  • Uneven visuals
  • Limited multiplayer

Player Quotes

"Diving into Rise of the Ronin felt like stepping into a beautifully crafted painting of feudal Japan. Every moment in this game is a blend of art and action."

"The depth of the combat system in Rise of the Ronin is unparalleled. It rewards patience and practice, making each victory feel earned."

"Team Ninja has outdone themselves with the storytelling in this game. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, beautifully intertwined with historical events."

"While I've encountered a few glitches during my playthrough, the overall experience remains unmatched. It's clear the developers are dedicated to polishing this gem."

"Exploring the world of Rise of the Ronin is an adventure in itself. The attention to detail in every town, forest, and temple is staggering."

"Despite some frame rate issues, the visual splendor of this game is undeniable. It showcases what the PS5 is truly capable of."

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.