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PS7 to Wave Goodbye to Physical Game Format, predicts Analyst

PS7 to Wave Goodbye to Physical Game Format, predicts Analyst image

Industry expert, Meta Piscatelli, predicts the PlayStation is set to become a disc-free platform by its seventh iteration.

According to industry analyst, Meta Piscatelli, it’s likely that PlayStation will only have one more generation that uses physical media. He believes the upcoming PS6 will still feature a disc drive, allowing users to play physical games. However, he sees the future of PlayStation transitioning to entirely digital.

If Piscatelli's prediction holds true, the PlayStation 7, which is anticipated to be released around a decade from now, will not feature physical game support. This transition marks a significant shift in the gaming industry, as it moves towards an entirely digital landscape.

Piscatelli's forecast aligns with the broader trends in the industry. Rival companies, including Microsoft, have started introducing consoles without disc drives. A shift towards a digital-only PlayStation console seems like a natural step for Sony, given these market trends.

While Piscatelli's predictions are speculative, they offer an intriguing glimpse into the future of gaming. For the time being, however, PlayStation fans can still enjoy their physical games on the PS5, and likely the PS6. But the days of lining up to buy the latest release in-store could be numbered.

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