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PS5 April Sales Surge with 'Sea of Thieves' and 'Grounded'

PS5 April Sales Surge with 'Sea of Thieves' and 'Grounded'  image

Sea of Thieves and Grounded have sailed into the top ranks of PS5 game sales in the US for April, thanks to a detailed analysis by Circana. These popular titles clinched third and ninth place, respectively.

Last month, Fallout 4 experienced a major boost, riding on the success of a recently released TV series.

Topping the chart was Stellar Blade, which faced little competition in the same timeframe.

Interestingly, console sales overall plummeted by 43%, with the biggest drop seen in Nintendo Switch sales, plummeting by 69%.

PS5 Games Outshining Competitors

Both Sea of Thieves and Grounded showcased impressive sales, catapulting them into the top ten sellers for PS5 in April. Their positions, third and ninth respectively, highlight their popularity among players.

Fallout 4 Reborn

Fuelled by the excitement surrounding its new TV adaptation, Fallout 4 saw a notable surge in sales.

Stellar Blade: The Unchallenged Champion

In first place, Stellar Blade enjoyed a clear path to victory, facing no significant competitors last month.

Console Sales in Decline

Overall, console sales hit a rough patch with a 43% decline, with Nintendo Switch taking the hardest hit, its sales plunging by 69%.

Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite games and consoles!

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