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Phantom Blade Zero Battle System Details Revealed by Developers

Phantom Blade Zero Battle System Details Revealed by Developers Thumbnail

Step into a dynamic mix of Devil May Cry combo style and Dark Souls levels in the Phantom Blade Zero game.

Phantom Blade Zero, the highly anticipated game, is promising to deliver an epic experience with its unique, dynamic battle system. The developers have given us a sneak peek into what gamers can look forward to seeing and doing in their upcoming release.

Smashing your enemies to bits will never feel quite as satisfying with the game's combat system, reminiscent of Devil May Cry, married with level layouts inspired by Dark Souls. The game will house more than 30 different types of weapons including double swords, single-handed swords, giant swords, and similar options for you to master.

Phantom Blade Zero puts a unique twist on the combat rhythm. Your attacks can be canceled at any given moment, really putting the control into your virtual hands. The game’s ultimate abilities leaves players on the edges of their seats. The game also features dodges with frames of invincibility, and a special "Ghost Step" mode that deals critical damage if you dodge right before a red attack.

There are also game items, referred to as "Phantom Edges," including Tiger's hand cannon and a bow among others. The game utilizes stamina, named "Sha-Chi," for defense, and you can break enemies' defenses by reducing their Sha-Chi to zero.

The game is loaded with hidden secrets, treasures, and loot just waiting for you to uncover. In-between combats, the game offers opportunities for world exploration. The game environment is not just vanity; you can use it to your advantage by jumping on enemies or sneaking up on them.

All the combat animations are inspired by Chinese martial arts and Kung-Fu. So, brush up your virtual combat skills and get ready for the epic gaming experience of Phantom Blade Zero.

Here's a sneak peek into the game's combat system. Have a look and gear up for some intense action and an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience.

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