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Persona 5 Royal Review

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Stylish Thieves on an Epic Heist

"Persona 5 Royal" is an enhanced version of the original "Persona 5," which was already a critically acclaimed role-playing game developed by Atlus. This edition adds a plethora of content including a new semester at Shujin Academy, new characters, additional plot lines, and social elements, along with deep gameplay enhancements and graphical improvements. The game invites players into a mesmerizing world where they take on the role of a high school student who leads a dual life as a Phantom Thief, tasked with reforming society by confronting the inner psyches of corrupt individuals. The premise of "Persona 5 Royal" expands on the core themes of freedom and the struggle against societal oppression. The game's narrative is more polished, offering a comprehensive experience that refines the original's plot and explores the characters' backgrounds and motivations more deeply. Each new and returning character is intricately developed, contributing to an enriching story that engages players on multiple emotional levels. The extended plot and the new palace and thief are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of new content. The game also features a new playable character, Kasumi Yoshizawa, who brings fresh dynamics to the story and combat system. Moreover, the addition of new confidants adds more depth to the social simulation aspect of the game, which is seamlessly integrated with the dungeon crawling and turn-based combat.

Gameplay 9

The gameplay of "Persona 5 Royal" is a masterful blend of turn-based combat, social simulation, and exploration, creating a richly rewarding and multifaceted experience. The game's turn-based system is meticulously crafted, requiring players to strategize using a mix of physical attacks, Persona skills, and cooperative team moves known as Baton Passes. This system is enhanced in the Royal version with new elements such as the 'Showtime' attacks, which provide visually stunning and highly powerful combo moves between characters.

Social simulation remains a standout feature, deeply integrated into the gameplay. It allows players to form relationships or 'Confidants,' which not only enrich the game's narrative but also provide various in-game benefits like new abilities or enhancements in battle. Each character's story is engaging and adds a layer of depth to the overall experience that is rarely seen in other RPGs.

Exploration in "Persona 5 Royal" is more rewarding with the addition of new areas and secrets in the metaverse, as well as in the bustling city of Tokyo. Players can spend hours engaging in side activities like fishing, playing darts, or attending a jazz club, each activity offering unique rewards and enhancements to character abilities.

Graphics 9

Graphically, "Persona 5 Royal" elevates the aesthetic of its predecessor with more polished animations, sharper textures, and enhanced character models. The art style is bold and distinctive, characterized by a color palette that is both eye-catching and thematically appropriate, reflecting the vibrant and rebellious spirit of the game. The UI is particularly noteworthy for its dynamic and stylish design, which complements the fast-paced action and is often cited as one of the best interfaces in modern gaming.

The game's attention to detail in both the animated sequences and in-game environments ensures that every moment on screen is visually engaging. Whether exploring the dark, twisted corridors of a Palace or interacting with characters in the real world, the visuals consistently impress and immerse players in its unique world.

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Storyline 9

The storyline of "Persona 5 Royal" is complex and thought-provoking, addressing themes such as justice, self-discovery, and societal reform. The addition of new narrative elements in "Royal" not only extends the story but also provides closure to some arcs that felt incomplete in the original game. The character development is superb, with each of the main characters and several side characters experiencing meaningful growth throughout the game.

The plot weaves together elements of psychological thriller, mystery, and teen drama, all set against the backdrop of a series of heists conducted by the Phantom Thieves. This blend makes the story captivating and unique. The new semester added in "Royal" offers an even deeper look into the protagonist's relationships and the moral dilemmas they face, culminating in a powerful and emotional climax that challenges the player's perception of right and wrong.

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Issues and Community Feedback

Since its release, "Persona 5

Conclusion 9

"Persona 5 Royal" is an exceptional RPG that builds on the success of its predecessor with significant additions and refinements. The game offers a deep, engaging narrative and a compelling mix of gameplay mechanics that stand out in the RPG genre. The graphical enhancements, combined with the expanded story and gameplay improvements, make "Persona 5 Royal" a must-play for fans of the series and newcomers alike. The overall score reflects its status as one of the best RPGs of its generation, delivering an unforgettable gaming experience.

Pros and Cons

  • Enhanced graphics
  • Expanded storyline
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Lengthy duration
  • Pacing issues

Player Quotes

"I've never been so emotionally invested in a video game."

"The depth of character development and story complexity is unmatched."

"Sometimes it feels like the game drags on a bit too long, but it's worth it for the story."

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