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PC Gaming Saves the Day for the Gaming Industry

PC Gaming Saves the Day for the Gaming Industry image

Betting on consoles and mobiles? You'd be broke without your trusty PC, which really stole the show this year.

Gaming market analysts at Newzoo have revised their 2023 predictions, scaling down their previous estimate from $187.7 billion (a modest 2.6% bump from last year) to $183.9 billion, barely squeaking out a 0.5% increase. Turns out, last year’s succulence of blockbuster releases didn't quite translate into a substantial market boost as hoped.

The mobile gaming market took a hit, shrinking by 2.1%, while console games could only muster a meager 0.3% increase in revenue compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, PC gaming revenue shot up by an impressive 8.4%, bolstered significantly by the runaway successes of titles like Baldur's Gate 3, Starfield, and Diablo IV.

Reflecting on future trajectories, Newzoo has also tempered their overall market forecasts. So, if you're banking on the gaming industry reaching those sky-high predictions, better make sure your safety net's woven with some solid PC titles.

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