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Payday 3 Review

by Starbreeze Studios 0 text

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Heist again, but slicker and trickier!

"Payday 3" marks the return of the high-octane cooperative heist gameplay, building significantly on its predecessors' foundation while introducing several new mechanics and improvements to enhance the overall experience.

Gameplay 7

The core gameplay of "Payday 3" revolves around planning and executing detailed heists, either stealthily or with all guns blazing. The stealth mechanics have been refined, making silent heists more viable and rewarding than in "Payday 2". Guards may escort you out rather than immediately shooting, providing a window of opportunity to maintain stealth【6†source】. The gunplay and movement have also seen improvements, providing a weightier and more responsive feel, reflecting the characters' growth in skill over time【7†source】.

Players can experience a streamlined approach to objectives, reducing the previous entries' often convoluted and frustrating aspects. For instance, NPCs now automatically comply under threat without needing extra player input, and mission objectives are simplified, enhancing accessibility and focus on action【8†source】.

However, despite these enhancements, there are only eight heists available at launch, which might feel limited despite their high replayability【11†source】. Additionally, the mandatory online connectivity can detract from the experience, with some initial server issues at launch causing significant access problems【10†source】.

Graphics 8

"Payday 3" benefits from the transition to Unreal Engine 4, bringing a noticeable upgrade in visual fidelity. The environments, character models, and animations are more detailed and dynamic. The use of lighting and shadows effectively enhances the game's intense and suspenseful atmosphere, particularly during stealth sequences.

Payday 3 image 2

Storyline 6

While "Payday 3" doesn't primarily focus on its narrative, it continues to follow the notorious Payday Gang as they undertake new heists. The storyline serves more as a backdrop to the gameplay, with the main appeal lying in the heist planning and execution rather than a deeply developed plot.

Multiplayer 8

Multiplayer remains a staple of the "Payday" series, with cooperative gameplay being central to the experience. The game is designed to be played with others, ideally with a full team of four. While the AI teammates are improved, they still lack the ability to participate in objectives, making human cooperation essential【7†source】.

Payday 3 image 3

Issues and Community Feedback

Community feedback highlights mixed feelings about the limited number of heists and the always-online requirement. While the gameplay mechanics and multiplayer aspects receive praise, the constraints on solo play and the reliance on internet connectivity have been points of contention.

Conclusion 6

"Payday 3" delivers a robust multiplayer heist experience with significant improvements in gameplay mechanics and graphics. However, its limited heist variety and mandatory online play may not appeal to everyone. For fans of the series and newcomers who enjoy cooperative gameplay, it offers thrilling, high-stakes heists that are best enjoyed with friends.

Pros and Cons

  • Improved stealth
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Refined gunplay
  • Limited heists
  • Online-only

Player Quotes

"Finally, a stealth mode that feels rewarding!"

"Love the new graphics, but why so few heists?"

"Online-only is a deal-breaker for some."

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.