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Paradox Cancels Life Simulator "Life by You"

Paradox Cancels Life Simulator

A life un-lived! Paradox pulls the plug on their "The Sims" clone due to quality standards. This life came and went in the blink of an eye… well, design stage!

In an unexpected move, Paradox has announced the cancellation of their anticipated life simulator game, "Life by You". Initially touted as a rival to the hit franchise "The Sims", the project has undergone several postponements before being axed on the grounds of not meeting quality standards.

Recognizing the considerable gap between the current state of production and the high standard they aim to offer, Paradox adopted the decision to discontinue development. The company acknowledges that bringing the game up to their desired criteria would demand an overwhelming investment of time, funds, and effort.

As a result, the development process has come to a halt, and a sizeable amount of nearly $20 million invested in creating the game will be written off. This surprising business decision underscores Paradox's commitment to a high standard for their products, even if it comes at a hefty price.

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