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Palworld Review

by Pocket Pair

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Palworld, an action-adventure, survival, and monster-taming game, is created and published by the Japanese developer Pocket Pair. The game is available on PC via Steam, and Xbox Series X/S. This review is based solely on player feedback from Reddit.

Gameplay 7

Players have praised Palworld for its unique blend of survival, open-world exploration, and monster-catching mechanics. The game offers a variety of activities such as harvesting resources, building bases, crafting new items, and even putting creatures, known as "Pals", to work. However, some players have reported issues with the game's mechanics, such as limited key remapping and glitches. One player stated, "It'll need a few QoL patches to be truly good. Fixed camera angles are off (talking to npc, etc.) And inventory management is a mess".

Graphics 8

The graphics of Palworld have been generally well-received by players. One player noted, "When it comes to graphics, the game looks good. There's an obvious artstyle difference between the humans and the Pals, but it's not bothersome enough for me to be annoyed by it". However, some players have reported performance issues, particularly on Xbox One.

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Storyline 6

As of now, the storyline of Palworld is not its strongest point according to player feedback. The game is more focused on survival and crafting mechanics with monster-catching elements. The narrative seems to take a backseat to the gameplay, which some players might find lacking.

Multiplayer 7

The multiplayer aspect of Palworld has been met with mixed reviews. While some players enjoy the cooperative elements of base-building and exploration, others have reported issues with server capacity and item management. One player mentioned, "Expect to rubberband and have items fall on the ground if you're on official servers".

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Issues 6

Players have reported several issues with Palworld, including glitches, performance problems, and audio issues. Despite these issues, many players remain optimistic about the game's future, citing its early access status and expecting improvements over time.

Conclusion 7

Overall, Palworld offers a unique blend of gameplay elements that many players find enjoyable. However, it's clear that the game still has room for improvement, particularly in terms of resolving technical issues and enhancing the storyline. As the game continues to be developed, it will be interesting to see how it evolves and addresses player feedback.


Rubberbanding, a term used to describe a player’s sudden and disruptive change in location due to network issues, has been a common concern among Palworld players. Players have reported experiencing high ping and rubberbanding even when their network conditions appear to be stable. One player shared their experience on Steam Community, stating, “Ping in NA servers are displayed as something like 32-40 but in-game I’m rubber banding a lot as though I have really high ping. It’s not my net, I’m using Cloudflare DNS, and I’ve whitelisted the game from my AV.” Another player mentioned similar issues on a local hosted server, “the other player started to experience after the first patch some serious rubber banding. Before the first patch that player experienced rubber banding every minute or so. Now since two patches the rubber banding occurs every few seconds which makes the game unplayable.”

Player Quotes

"I've been interested in this game for a while and now that it's come out it's time to ask the question of is it worth getting".

"It's not gonna be GOTY 2024, it's not the Pokemon killer as some say it'll be, but it's pretty good".

"Unlike what the trailers may have lead you to believe, the game is more of a survival, open world game with monster catching mechanics thrown in the mix, rather than \"Pokemon, but with guns\"".

"When it comes to graphics, the game looks good. There's an obvious artstyle difference between the humans and the Pals, but it's not bothersome enough for me to be annoyed by it".

"The game has a few problem, including limited key remapping (quite a few features are hardcoded to a certain key), some glitches (like people dying when quick travelling, pals getting stuck against objects, etc...), and a few grievances (for example, not being able to move any fixture, needing to deconstruct them first), but, since the game is in early access, that kinda stuff can be ironed out later".

"I got sucked in for 12 hours. The servers are over capacity and you have to start fresh, so after some initial fun with friends I went solo to learn better base building".

"This game is like a blend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (with climbing, cool sound effects, and the absence of ambient music), Pokemon, and Ark (offering survival, base-building, boss fights, tech, and resources)".

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players and does not necessarily reflect the views of AI Review.