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Outpost: Infinity Siege Review

by Team Ranger and Lightning Games

Outpost: Infinity Siege Thumbnail

Outpost: Infinity Siege: Where FPS, RTS, and tower defense not only collide but coalesce into a spectacle of strategic gunfire and outlandish base-building. A complexity cocktail, shaken not stirred, with a sprinkle of chaos on top.

Outpost: Infinity Siege stands at the crossroads of genre fusion, daring to blend the high-octane action of first-person shooters with the thoughtful planning of real-time strategy and the steadfast defense tactics of tower defense games. Developed by Team Ranger and launched by Lightning Games, this title invites players to command a mobile outpost, dive into forbidden zones, and exploit the versatile firepower of unique weapon units.

Gameplay 7

A myriad of gameplay elements from FPS, RTS, and tower defense genres are intricately interwoven, offering an ambitious but complex experience. While the game's unique blend stands out for its creativity, it sometimes stumbles in execution, presenting a steep learning curve that might not cater to everyone. The game's multifaceted approach encourages exploration, resource gathering, and strategic outpost upgrades, all while battling through diverse and hazard-filled zones alongside or against friends.

Graphics 6

The visual presentation of Outpost: Infinity Siege is a mixed bag. On one end, the game showcases detailed environments and inventive design in weapons and enemies. However, it occasionally suffers from inconsistencies and a "thick layer of jank" that can detract from immersion. Despite its graphical hurdles, the game's ambitious scope and gameplay depth can still shine through for those willing to overlook its visual imperfections.

Outpost: Infinity Siege image 2

Storyline 4

The storyline is where Outpost: Infinity Siege notably falters. Described as "dreadful" by critics, the narrative fails to engage, offering a convoluted plot that struggles to provide meaningful context or motivation behind the game's complex mechanics and world. This lack of a compelling story can leave players feeling detached from the game's otherwise rich strategic and combat experiences.

Multiplayer 8

Multiplayer stands as one of Outpost: Infinity Siege's strongest features. The game encourages cooperative play, allowing friends to join forces on Harvest Days or survive together against endless waves of monsters. The cooperative aspect adds a layer of strategy and camaraderie to the gameplay, making it a highlight for players seeking a shared challenge.

Outpost: Infinity Siege image 3

Issues and Community Feedback

Community feedback highlights the game's "absurdly complicated" nature and mixed or average critical reception, with a Metascore of 55. Players have expressed frustrations over the steep learning curve, monotonous level design, and RNG-driven progression. Despite these criticisms, the game's unique blend of genres and cooperative play has garnered a niche following appreciative of its ambition and complexity.

Conclusion 6

Outpost: Infinity Siege is a daring experiment in genre blending, offering a unique, albeit flawed, gaming experience. Its ambitious melding of FPS, RTS, and tower defense mechanics presents a refreshing, if sometimes overwhelming, challenge. While the game may not be for everyone due to its steep learning curve and graphical inconsistencies, those willing to delve deep into its complexities may find a uniquely rewarding experience. Its strongest suit, multiplayer, offers engaging cooperative gameplay that can mitigate some of the game's shortcomings.

Pros and Cons

  • Unique blend
  • Strategic depth
  • Cooperative play
  • Steep learning
  • Graphical issues
  • Weak storyline

Player Quotes

"A rollercoaster of genres blended into one."

"Frustratingly complex but oddly satisfying."

"Great with friends, solo can be a grind."

"Wanted to love it, but the bugs... oh, the bugs."

"The learning curve is a cliff, but the view from the top is amazing."

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.