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Outcast: A New Beginning Review

by Appeal Studios

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It's like revisiting your high school's science fiction club project, but with a budget.

Outcast: A New Beginning marks a return to the alien world of Adelpha, continuing the saga of the 1999 cult classic, Outcast. Players step into the shoes of Cutter Slade, an ex-Navy Seal, who finds himself transported to Adelpha to help save the Talans from human-controlled robot invaders. This open-world action-adventure game mixes old-school sci-fi charm with modern gameplay mechanics, including a focus on exploration, combat, and interacting with the native Talans to forge alliances and overcome obstacles.

Gameplay 7

Gameplay in Outcast: A New Beginning is a mixed bag of engaging exploration and clunky combat. The game shines with its unique jetpack mechanics that allow players to glide, hover, and boost through the expansive alien world. However, the combat system struggles with precision and can feel unrewarding at times. The quests offer a mix of mundane and engaging tasks, with an innovative system for discovering and completing missions. While the gameplay loop can be repetitive, the novelty of jetpack traversal keeps the experience fresh.

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Graphics 7

The alien world of Adelpha is beautifully realized, offering a vibrant setting filled with unique flora, fauna, and cultures. The open world's design encourages exploration and provides a visually striking backdrop for the adventure. However, some technical issues like inconsistent frame rates and minor graphical glitches can detract from the experience.

Storyline 7.5

The storyline of Outcast: A New Beginning offers a compelling narrative that mixes classic sci-fi elements with a rich lore and complex characters. Cutter Slade's quest to unite the tribes of Adelpha and fend off the robotic threat is engaging, bolstered by well-done voice acting and an interesting glossary feature that helps players navigate the Talan jargon. The narrative, however, requires a commitment to immersion, with some players finding the script's jargon-filled language a barrier.

Multiplayer - N/A

Outcast: A New Beginning does not feature multiplayer gameplay.

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Issues and Community Feedback

Players have noted the repetitive nature of some quests and the clunky combat mechanics as detracting from the overall experience. While the unique gameplay elements like the jetpack traversal are praised, the lack of precision in combat and some tedious mission designs have been highlighted as areas for improvement.

Conclusion 7

Outcast: A New Beginning successfully revives a beloved classic, delivering an engaging open-world experience that's bolstered by its unique traversal mechanics and rich world-building. Despite its shortcomings in combat and some repetitive gameplay elements, the game offers a solid adventure for fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

"Exploring Adelpha with the jetpack is exhilarating."

"Combat feels a bit outdated but flying around makes up for it."

"The world is beautiful, but I wish the missions were more varied."

"Love the sci-fi setting, but the jargon can be overwhelming."

"It's great to see Outcast return, even if it's a bit rough around the edges."

"Navigating the quests feels fresh, but combat needs work."

"The Talans and their world are fascinating to dive into."

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.