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Olivier Deriviere Scoring Upcoming Game 'South of Midnight'

Olivier Deriviere Scoring Upcoming Game 'South of Midnight' image

A maestro of musical mischief is at it again, this time bringing his talents to the highly anticipated 'South of Midnight'.

Compulsion Games, a studio known for crafting intriguing narratives and immersive experiences, has just announced that the upcoming 'South of Midnight' will have its music scored by accomplished composer Olivier Deriviere. Game enthusiasts may associate Deriviere with his exceptional work on the soundtracks for critically acclaimed games such as 'A Plague Tale' series.

Deriviere, whose previous symphonies include brilliance incarnate for games like 'Remember Me' and 'Dying Light 2', is set to weave his magic into another game, set to release next year.

A seasoned professional in blending traditional orchestral music with more eclectic notes for the sake of storytelling, Deriviere's appointment will not doubt add a layer of audio depth to 'South of Midnight', which fans have been eagerly awaiting.

While the exact release date has yet to be confirmed, the news of Deriviere's involvement certainly adds to the atmosphere of anticipation surrounding this upcoming title from Compulsion Games. Keep an eye on updates about 'South of Midnight' and prepare yourselves for a musically mesmerizing gaming experience.

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