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Octopath Traveler II Might Hit Xbox Consoles This June – Including Game Pass

Octopath Traveler II Might Hit Xbox Consoles This June – Including Game Pass image

Look out, Xbox players! There's a chance you won't have to mope around anymore because Octopath Traveler II might just be heading to your beloved consoles this summer. Hold on to your controllers!

According to the well-known insider eXtas1s, there's a buzz that Octopath Traveler II could be making its debut on Xbox consoles as early as June. The exciting part? This includes the possibility of it being available through Xbox Game Pass.

A Potential June Release

Gaming enthusiasts who've missed their chance to play Octopath Traveler II on other platforms might finally get their shot. The insider hints at a June release, which is just around the corner. Start marking your calendars and get ready for a summer filled with epic turn-based battles and captivating character stories.

Xbox Game Pass: The Cherry on Top

For those lucky enough to be subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, this news could mean even more savings and quicker access to the game. The inclusion in Xbox Game Pass means that players can dive into this exceptional RPG without paying an extra penny, provided they're already subscribed. It's a win-win for budget-conscious gamers looking for high-quality content.

Who is eXtas1s?

The insider eXtas1s has a track record of providing reliable tips and leaks within the gaming community. While nothing is set in stone until we hear an official announcement, their predictions have sparked excitement and anticipation.

Octopath Traveler II has already captured the hearts of players with its unique combo of retro aesthetics and modern game mechanics. With its potential move to Xbox consoles, even more, gamers will have the chance to explore its rich storylines and innovative combat systems.

So, for Xbox enthusiasts, this summer could bring a delightful surprise. Stay tuned for more updates and keep those game controllers ready!

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