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Nintendo May Develop a New Mario Game, Codenamed "SPRed"

Nintendo May Develop a New Mario Game, Codenamed

Because when you think you've had enough Mario, Nintendo says "Hold my mushrooms."

In the latest gaming buzz, word on the street suggests that Nintendo is secretly cooking up a new Mario game under the cryptic codename "SPRed." While "Red" clearly refers to our favorite plumber, Mario, the intriguing part is what this might mean for fans.

A New 3D Adventure Awaits?

If whispers are to be believed, there’s a tantalizing chance that this project could be a fresh, 3D Mario adventure debuting alongside the anticipated Nintendo Switch 2. Does this mean we’re in for another round of heart-racing platforming action, ingenious puzzle-solving, and classic Mario charm? One can only hope.

Stay tuned as more details emerge and keep those mushrooms handy.

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