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Nintendo Direct Reveals a Flurry of Upcoming Titles, Including Mario & Luigi Brothership and More

Nintendo Direct Reveals a Flurry of Upcoming Titles, Including Mario & Luigi Brothership and More Thumbnail

Nintendo Direct pulled in all the stops in its recent conference, unveiling an array of anticipated games and releases for all Nintendo fanatics to get their hands on.

Opening the broadcast, Mario & Luigi Brothership source, the first RPG series game in nine years, was announced. Scheduled for a Nintendo Switch release on November 7, the game has sparked lots of enthusiastic chatter among fans.

Another exciting release is the Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition, which is set to debut on July 18 source. Pre-orders are already open, so make sure to secure your copy.

The Direct conference also shone a light on Fairy Tail 2, a game based on Hiro Mashima's manga, slated for release this incoming winter source. For fans of sports games, the addition of a new basketball mode in Nintendo Switch Sports is sure to pique interest source.

MIO: Memories in Orbit, a stylish Metroidvania game featuring rogue robots, is set for a 2025 release source. In the meantime, Disney Illusion Island has just released a detective update, Mystery in Monoth source.

Hello Kitty fans will be delighted to know about Hello Kitty Island Adventure, set to become a temporary Switch console exclusive in 2025 source.

Donkey Kong addicts, rejoice! Donkey Kong Country Returns HD, complete with 3DS level additions, will make its return on January 16 source.

The recent Direct conference had something in store for everyone, from the Metal Slug: Attack Reloaded game to a brand new The Lost Hero game in the Phantom Brave series, releasing in 2025 source.

Avid collectors will surely be thrilled at the news of Funko POP! figures coming to life in the action game Funko Fusion, a Switch game launching on September 13, 2024 source.

And let's not forget about the classic Zelda! On September 26, 2024, fans will finally be able to take control of Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom source.

Completing the gaming bonanza, Metroid Prime 4 ended the conference with a trailer and an anticipated release in 2025 source.

Stay tuned and game on, Nintendo fans. The gaming euphoria is just starting.

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