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Nintendo Acquires Shiver Entertainment in Move to Bolster Game Ports

Nintendo Acquires Shiver Entertainment in Move to Bolster Game Ports image

Nintendo buys the studio known for PC and console ports of Hogwarts Legacy and Mortal Kombat, adding it to their growing collection. Who would’ve guessed?

Nintendo's Expansion Strategy

Nintendo has officially announced the acquisition of Shiver Entertainment, a studio renowned for porting popular titles such as Hogwarts Legacy, Mortal Kombat 11, and Mortal Kombat 1 to PC and various consoles under Saber Interactive.

Strengthening Game Porting Capabilities

With this purchase, Nintendo now fully owns Shiver Entertainment. The primary objective of this strategic acquisition is to facilitate the porting of major games from other platforms to Nintendo's systems in the future. As a subsidiary of Nintendo, Shiver Entertainment’s role remains unchanged, continuing to bring well-loved games to the Nintendo platform.

Ensuring Quality Ports

By turning Shiver Entertainment into a wholly-owned subsidiary, Nintendo aims to secure high-quality porting for its gaming ecosystem. This could ensure that fans get to enjoy a diverse array of big titles with the consistent quality that they expect.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Shiver Entertainment by Nintendo is a calculated move to enhance the future of game porting, promising a richer and more varied gaming library for Nintendo users worldwide.

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