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Next-Gen Xbox Aims to Set Industry Standards

Next-Gen Xbox Aims to Set Industry Standards image

One console to rule them all, now with extra Windows!

Insider Leaks Details on Microsoft's Upcoming Xbox Console

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox is poised to be the flagship model for console manufacturers, according to industry insider Jez Corden. Corden, who recently confirmed that the next-gen Xbox will support Steam, revealed that the new console will heavily integrate Windows, making it a standard for companies like ASUS ROG Ally.

Corden noted that Microsoft is following a similar approach to their Surface Pro 11—a device lauded as a benchmark for PCs boasting artificial intelligence capabilities. This strategy implies that the new Xbox will serve as a foundational model for future gaming hardware, combining powerful features with seamless Windows integration.

Stay tuned as more details emerge about this game-changing console that aims to merge gaming and computing like never before.

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