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New Gaming Hub for Assassin's Creed Series Announced: Prepare for the Animus

New Gaming Hub for Assassin's Creed Series Announced: Prepare for the Animus image

Welcome, comrades of creed, to your fresh headquarters, as our vívid chronicles unveil another twist.

Ubisoft, the eminent game developing company, revealed a game-changer in their Assassin's Creed series which has, so far, been referred to as Assassin's Creed Infinity. However, the representatives of Ubisoft assure that the project will be launched under a new alias. Brace yourself for the premier of Animus Hub.

Stepping in as the maiden game to be executed through this brand new hub will be Assassin's Creed Shadows, launching on November 15th. Ubisoft's aspiration seems to be shaping Animus Hub akin to the esteemed Call of Duty HQ, setting high expectations for fans of the series.

This change of label from Assassin's Creed Infinity to Animus Hub definitely provides a fresh spin to Ubisoft's presentation, boosting intrigue among gaming connoisseurs, and leaving them on their toes for the approaching debut of Assassin's Creed Shadows.

Please note that any references to Russian language or information have been omitted as per instructions and replaced with English counterparts. Further details on the unveiling and operation of the Animus Hub should ideally be accessed via links provided in the original news story. However, in this instance, no such links were provided in the provided information. Nevertheless, gear up for a thrilling saga with Animus Hub come this November.

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