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New Coding Standards in Unreal Engine: Inclusive Language Now a Priority!

New Coding Standards in Unreal Engine: Inclusive Language Now a Priority! image

A fresh update ensuring your code isn’t just correct, but also socially conscious. Because, who knew code could be so inclusive?

Epic Games is setting a new precedent for coding practices in Unreal Engine with its April 2024 update. One standout feature in this update is "Inclusive Word Choice", which emphasizes the use of respectful, inclusive, and professional language in coding and documentation practices.

Inclusive Naming Conventions

This new initiative means developers will need to apply careful word choices when naming classes, functions, data structures, types, variables, files, folders, and plugins. According to Epic Games, the idea is to avoid phrases that can inadvertently enforce stereotypes—for instance, terms like "blacklist" and "whitelist" are out. Similarly, words evoking historical traumas or discriminatory experiences such as "slave," "master," or even "nuclear bomb" are frowned upon.

Overloaded Words: Beware

The guidelines also stress mindfulness about using words with multiple meanings outside the realm of programming, such as "abort," "execute," or "native." Such terms can pose risks of being misconstrued, thus undermining the principle of inclusiveness.

Gender-Neutral Language

In another progressive stride, Epic Games advises referring to hypothetical people using gender-neutral pronouns like "they" or "their," even when referring to a singular entity. Additionally, when naming non-person entities, always use "it" or "its." Components such as modules, plugins, functions, clients, and servers should not be assigned genders since they don't possess any.

More on Inclusive Word Choice

By advocating these changes, Epic Games is encouraging Unreal Engine users to adopt language that reflects an awareness of societal issues and systemic biases. The overarching goal is to create a more welcoming space for all users and contributors in the tech community.

Embrace these new standards to ensure your code is not only efficient but also a textbook example of inclusivity. Welcome to the new era of coding where lines of code build not just applications but mutual respect too.

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