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Neon White Set To Land On Game Pass Next Month

Neon White Set To Land On Game Pass Next Month image

Speedy shooter-platformer Neon White gets ready for its anticipated debut on Game Pass, with a focus on fast-paced levels and ability-laden cards.

Brace yourselves, gamers! The much-anticipated shoot-and-platform gaming title, Neon White, is reportedly on its way to the Xbox Game Pass service next month.

According to the game's page on the Microsoft Store, the slated release date is July 11th. This quick-paced game blends engaging shooter elements with platforming, ensuring a thrilling gaming experience for the fans.

One exciting feature of this game lies in its innovative use of cards, which grant players access to unique abilities. As one wraps their heads around this game mechanic, the focus of gameplay swiftly leans towards completing levels as quickly as possible.

For more details about Neon White's release and gameplay, you can visit its Microsoft Store page or follow rumblings about the game on this True Achievements news post.

So, mark your calendars for July 11th and get ready to dive into the high-octane world of Neon White on the Xbox Game Pass.

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