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Mystery Surrounds Development Studio For "Mario & Luigi: Brothership"

Mystery Surrounds Development Studio For

Nintendo plays coy about which studio is in charge of the new Mario & Luigi game, but promises some OG devs are on the case

Surrounded by suspense and intrigue, Nintendo remains tight-lipped about the studio responsible for the forthcoming "Mario & Luigi: Brothership." Despite several inquiries, they've confirmed only one fact: a few of the original developers are involved in the project.

When well-known journalist Steven Totilo sought to shed light on the director overseeing the revived action-RPG series, Nintendo chose ambiguity over information. The game provider would neither confirm nor debunk the involvement of any specific team or individual. This turns the spotlight back to the original studio, AlphaDream, which unfortunately closed its doors in 2019. Yet, Nintendo's admission assures fans some of the original creators have returned to the drawing board.

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