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MultiVersus Relaunches to a Robust Player Base

MultiVersus Relaunches to a Robust Player Base image

Warner Bros. fighters come out swinging... again!

Warner Bros.' beloved brawler, MultiVersus, has made a triumphant return with a relaunch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC. The free-to-play fighting game has captured a substantial audience on Steam, achieving a peak concurrent player count of 114.5 thousand.

However, despite this impressive turnout, the figure does not break any records. To put things in perspective, the early access version of MultiVersus, which debuted in 2022, managed to draw in a crowd of 153 thousand players at its peak.

With new updates and exciting content, the revamped MultiVersus aims to win back its loyal fanbase while attracting new fighters to its vibrant and chaotic arenas.

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